Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life Learning Today Moving Soon!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but I have been busy with setting up my blog with Wordpress. I've finally gotten too frustrated with the Blogger posting tool. I've had to type in posts numerous times and when I edit them parts just go missing. That's just not acceptable. I still like blogger. If you can have patience, it is free.

But I'm moving to a hosted solution. This has been a bumpy ride too as starting with Wordpress is not that easy. I had problems with the first host and have had to switch to another one. The host will be installing Wordpress for me. I will keep you updated on my experience so you can benefit from the bumps I encounter and any mistakes I make.

For those of you recieving an RSS feed of this blog, I will have that updated. But please check in with the new blog.

Here is the address:

If you've ever made the switch to Wordpress and have some advice please add a comment! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I almost made this change with my Purple blog. Then they finally let me come over with my team blog to the newer version. The biggest problem I've had with was not being able to upload images. The problem was corrected when I switched my brower to Firefox.

I am still not comfortable with the new version of Blogger, but it is an improvement. I test things on my private, personal blog before I implement changes on the more important endeavor of the Purple Women & Friends blog.

Digital Nomad said...

I hope you write posts on your move to WordPress. I am facing the same situation.

agentsully said...

I've got more articles chronicling the move with helpful tips over at the new site:

mcewen said...

Interesting - I'm about to do likewise - move from blogger to wordpress, but I'm still a bit too much of a scaredy cat! I'll keep peeking on you so that I can learn with you ahead of the curve.

Life Learning Today said...

mcewen, the switch to wordpress is not easy, but it is worth it. I wish you best of luck!