Friday, March 2, 2007

Good Parenting Resolutions

Here are some great parenting resolutions to try. Just because it’s March doesn’t mean you can’t come up with new resolutions today!

  1. No More Yelling.
    Make this a non-negotiable pledge. No matter what is happening with your child, commit to remain calm and rational. Remember that you’re the one in charge. You only lose control of the situation when you lose your cool. This practice will make you and your child much happier. (And no yelling between spouses/partners either! Children will follow the example you set. And kindness between parents makes a child feel
    secure and loved.)

  2. Get Enough Rest.
    Being a parent means being tired. It’s part of the job description. But there are many ways that you can get the rest you need to be the patient loving parent you want to be. When you get the rest you need you’ll be a better parent, but also a better friend, spouse and worker.

    1. Rest your mind by doing something you enjoy like reading a novel or chatting with an old friend.

    2. Rest your body and mind by getting enough sleep, usually 8 hours is best. Make this a non-negotiable top priority.

    3. Rest your mind by taking 10-15 minutes when you feel your energy waning to close your eyes and meditate (translation: let go of your thoughts worries for this time). You will be AMAZED at how much of a lift you get from this
  3. Say No. Say no to those things that are a drain on your time. Success in life means
    achieving your priorities. What are yours? Write them down. Then when other things come into your life, (invitations, magazines, books, TV shows, new technology, surveys, etc.) if they don’t fit in with your priorities then pass on them even if they seem interesting or if you feel obligated. You are obligated to yourself and your family first.
    By passing on things that don’t fit in with your priorities, you will avoid a lot of frustration because you won’t fall behind on the things that are most important to you. Every once in a while review your priorities and the time you have allotted for each to see if you need to update them.

  1. Play with Your Children.
    This is the greatest gift you can give to your child. When you find your child asking you for the millionth time to play or talk or take them to the park, it might be time to put the chores aside and play. Even if it is for 15-20 minutes, that can really make a difference for your child. It builds their confidence, self-esteem, and creativity. If there is something you must finish, like the dinner or the dishes, involve them. It may slow you down a bit, but it’s a great time to teach and listen to them. During playtime, let the child lead. Listen, praise, dance, sing, enjoy!

  2. Tuck Your Kids into Bed. Take time out to read, count your blessings, review the highlights of the day focusing on the positive events and the learnings from difficult things. Tell them you love them, how great you think they are, and why you are proud of them. Smile and feel the joy that parents are so blessed to have. This is the reward for all your hard work! Good job, parents!


Anonymous said...

wish i had read this years ago. my kids are mostly grown up now. i found it hard for most of the time. kids to day are hard to stick, even my own, don't get me worng i love them to bits its just a hard world they grow up in.

aprobloggermom said...

Great advice! I have three kiddos, and think that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. We don't have our kids in that many activities, because I see so many families just stressed to the max carpooling everyone around with a crazy crazy schedule! I personally think some quality "down-time" is a must for every families schedule just so that everyone has a chance to really reconnect with one another.

Life Learning Today said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I totally agree with you. Life is so short, we just have to take time to enjoy the simple things with the ones we love. Easy to say, hard to do in our hectic modern world!

Court said...

HI There, GREAT post!! I have 2 children, I love being a mom but I need to work hard on #1 everyday!You couldnt be more right about what you said! My hardest task as a parent has been staying in control and need loosing my cool!! Thanks for the wonderful advice!!

Life Learning Today said...

Thanks, Court. Glad you liked it. These are things I have to keep working on everyday.

Zaw Wai said...

Hi i find ur post most helpful eventhough im not even married..


Roland said...

I started off the year with a similar list of resolutions:
No yelling, start every day with a smile, tuck my four boys in and leave them feeling happy/safe every night, etc.

I never thought about "get enough rest." At this point it's just a given and high luxury I can't afford. LOL

Nate said...

I'm a father of two and can say you hit the nail on the head with this post. Great job ;)

One recommendation for the site. I looked for several minutes for an email address or contact form. I wanted to tell you about my Not-So-Boring Challenge

Life Learning Today said...

Roland and Nate - thank you for the kind words. I have more parenting articles now over at my new website:

Life Learning Today said...

the new site;